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Former Chiropractor-Marketing Expert Helping Healthcare Practices To Get More Patients Using Organic Methods 
& NO Ads!
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Hi name is Igal Dubov. I am a former chiropractor and now a marketing specialist. For 13 years I have run a very successful (spinal decompression and functional medicine) chiropractic clinic. In 2011-present, I started managing a highly successful integrated practice. I always enjoyed the marketing and the systems that make a very successful practice. 
     In 2018 I started working with multiple doctors to help them market and grow with multiple channels of advertising. From TV, Radio, Facebook, and Google to News Articles, Direct Mail and Patient Nurturing, I have been able to help them grow exponentially. In fact, some of these clinics see over 150 new patients per month. Because of the success of these ventures, I decided to open up my services and work with a few new clients at a time. 

  That is why I created Genie Media Systems – An ultra-successful marketing agency that helps doctors, dentists, and med spas to get more high paying patients that stay and refer. I have now opened an opportunity for new clients to dominate their areas by becoming the celebrity brand in their space.
🎆🎆🎆 When working With Clients I always ask them …
❏ How would branding and positioning you as an expert in your top service affect your practice?
❏ How would it affect you If you only focused on getting patients that utilized your most profitable services?
❏ How much time would you save if you focused on patient care and not where they come from?
     I’ve been around the block. I have worked with treating patients, managing clinics, and extensive online and offline marketing for 20 Years. With today’s competitive landscape and short attention span, the old methods to get new patients are getting more and more expensive and are much less effective. Not mention that the quality of patients can be very poor.
     With my method, called Genie Media Systems I help doctors get pre-qualified patients that understand the value of your service. This helps doctors stop chasing patients that waste time, and that have low case values. Our system helps doctors focus on quality patients that pay, stay and refer.
Now at this point you may be saying to yourself…all of this sounds great but:
🙈 I have been promised by so many “Marketing“ gurus 
to get more patients, but did not see a big improvement.
Or something like...
🙈 “You know, I have tried Facebook ads, Adwords, and even Valpak campaigns 
and I end up spending a lot of money with hardly any new patients. 
What am I missing?”
Areas Of Expertise: Medical/Dental – (specific) – News Media Publishing, Direct Response, FB ads, Offline ads, Direct Mail, TV ads, Radio Ads, Marketing automation and CRM, copywriting, patient nurturing systems and referral campaigns. 
Failure Is An Event, not a person...
if you don't fail you 
never succeed
Igal Dubov -  Owner of Genie Depot .  Igal Dubov is a former chiropractor who holds a doctor of chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Working with Advanced Pain and Wellness and other medical organizations in Wall Township and Lakewood, New Jersey, Igal Dubov practiced chiropractic medicine for well over a decade. 
few years, he has helped in various areas managed various businesses.

Since 2007, Igal Dubov has leveraged his extensive knowledge of the ketogenic diet as the owner of the online supplements retailer Genie Depot. His responsibilities with this Howell, New Jersey-based Amazon store range from product acquisition and development to advertising strategy.  

In addition to his nutritional expertise, Igal Dubov stays fit by mountain biking. His other hobbies include art and music.
The 5 Secret Reasons People Fail On a Ketogenic Diet…
...Hint...Fat Burns Fat!
By: Igal Dubov 
June  5 2019
Ketone meter. 

When you start on this diet you must measure your Ketone levels in your blood. You need to get a ketone blood meter. Amazon and others sell them. You need to have a certain amount of ketones in your blood to
Get MCT Oil. 

This helps the brain create ketones. MCT oils flow directly into the brain without going into the digestion. This helps make super fuel for the brain. This will stop cravings.

Get Ketone Salts.

These will push straight ketones to help you feel satisfied and not hungry. This will be temporary as you will go into producing ketones without the need to supplement them.

Count Carbs. 

Use search engine to see how many carbs in the food. You need less than 30 carbs around per day. Some more and some less. Fiber doesn’t count. So if you are eating a vegetable with 10 carbs and 8 are fiber, then it’s only a net 2 carbs.

Fat Coffee or tea

Getting into ketosis requires a larger than normal fat intake. Fat coffee or tea can be very effective. Simply add coconut oil and mct oil and or butter into your tea or coffee and then blend it. You will need to go slowly here and increase your fat intake until it upsets your stomach and then back away. That becomes your approximate dose of daily fat.
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